Manufacturers And Products


Chemglass Life Sciences-Corning, Cell Culture Products, Bioreactors, Rockers, Shakers Waterbaths, Magnetics Stirrers, Waterbaths, Incubators, Hybridization Ovens, Custom Glassware


Biocold-Walk-In Cold/Warm Rooms And Freezers, Lab Refrigeration Equipment


Bioquell-BioDecontamination Using Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor For Rooms, Lab Equipment, Safety Cabinets And Incubators; Room BioDecontamination Service (RBDS)


BioMedical Solutions Inc-Laboratory Refrigerators And Freezers

Coy -Anaerobic And Hypoxic Culture Chambers, Custom Environmental Work Chambers, CleanSpot PCR Workstations

Custom Biogenic Systems-Uniform –180 Vapor Phase Storage, LN2 Tanks And Stainless Freezer Racks, Controlled Rate Freezing Systems


Enviroflo-Containment and safety enclosures for critical applications to the Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Medical Device and Electronics industries.  These include enclosures for liquid handling robotics, balance scales, powder handling applications, microscopy, mail sorting, and custom safety applications incorporating state of the art air flow sciences.

Getinge-Sterilization, Washing And Disinfecting Systems

Groton Biosystems-Automated Bioprocess Sampling And Analysis For Fermentation And Cell Culture Processes

Harris, Puffer Hubbard and Lindberg-Ultra Low Freezers -20 to -50 And -85 to -150, Refrigerators & Refrigerated Incubators, Blood Refrigerators And Plasma Freezers, Explosion-Proof And Flammable Storage, Ovens, Furnaces And Water Baths

Implen-NanoPhotometer For Ultra Low And Standard Volume Applications For Improved Concentration Measurement And Estimation Of Purity In One UV/Vis Spectrophotometer

Jenco-Optical Instruments, Imaging Equipment And Microscope Accessories

Lancer-Laboratory And Industrial Washers, GMP And Custom Washers, Large Selection Of Standard And Custom Racks

M & O Perry-Vial, Bottle, Microtube and Syringe Filling Machines; Closing and Capping Machines

National Diagnostics -Pre-Cast Gradient Gels, Powder And Pre-Mixed Acrylamide, Agarose And Related Pre-Mixed Buffers, Non-Hazardous Colloidal Coomassie Stain, Non-Toxic Histology Chemicals, Biodegradable Scintillation Fluid

Nexcelom -Cellometer Automatic Cell Counter And Disposable Hemocytometer, Vision Automatic Cell Counter With Fluorescence

NuAire-CO2 Incubators, Animal Isolators And Cage Changing Hoods, Biological Safety Cabinets And Ceiling Modules, Ultra-Cold Freezers, Polypropylene Vertical Laminar Flow Hoods, Polypropylene Fume Hoods, Polypropylene Casework And Acid Cabinets

Parameter Generation and Control-Precise Humidity Control Systems, Stability Testing Chambers, Photostability Testing And Shelf-Life Studies

Rees Scientific-Temperature and Environmental Monitoring,  Telephone Dialing And Data Reporting/Archiving Validatable GMP Systems, 21CFR11 Compliant, Animal Facility Automated Watering Systems, Access Control And Lighting Control, Wireless Alarm Monitors

ViaFlo-Single, 8, 12 and 16 Channel Vision Electonic Pipettors, Automated Liquid Handling And Bellows Pumps, Integra Biosciences: Pipetboy, Fireboy, Mediaclave, Mediajet, Tubefiller, Dose It, Vacusafe, CELLine, Cellroll and Cellspin

Wellaware-Pipette Navigation System